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Some have told us they do their best writing, thinking, art, and creative work while playing Thaddeus' music.

Students say it helps them to study and concentrate.

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Suddenly, my hands were guided to play chords and notes I could now hear with my inner ears.

With Thaddeus present, my skill with music went way beyond my normal ability and limited knowledge of chords and sounds.

I somehow knew that he wanted to join me to create music.

I opened my heart to this lighted being, whom I now call "Thaddeus," and blended my consciousness with his.

I cannot summon Thaddeus; I often wait weeks, months, or even years before Thaddeus is present to guide my hands and lift me up into his realms of angelic music.

As I create music by blending with Thaddeus, I often sense an enormous, sometimes fiery, angelic presence of great love and power.Many tell us it helps them reach and sustain a high place in their meditation.Some use Thaddeus' music for yoga, Reiki, deep breathing, and other practices where they need to reach and hold peaceful, high states.Others say it helps them feel emotionally balanced or to release negative energy. Years later, for fun, I purchased a keyboard that could produce a number of wonderful sounds, such as piano, angelic voices, harp, and strings.One day, as I was playing the keyboards, I felt the presence of an enormous, radiant angel.Some people reported playing Thaddeus' music during a stay in the hospital, with amazing recoveries, in themselves or in others they played it for.

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