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If you are not using an SDS software package or SDS supplier who can assist you, start by figuring out what happened to the company. One resource that might work is the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine which preserves snapshots of web sites over the years.

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And while you might be tempted to simply dispose of the material as hazardous waste, it's most likely that the disposal firm would require you to produce an SDS before accepting the waste.

The second and third items only occur if you purchase the chemical after the sheet was changed.

For chemicals that were delivered after the HCS took effect but are no longer produced, you can try the distributor you purchased the material from or the manufacturer directly per the principle of "downstream flow".

You may run into some issues if the material is no longer manufactured or has been reformulated, so some effort may be required.

In laboratories, this would be incorporated into the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Either way, if you regularly review your inventory so as to use up or dispose of chemicals older than say, three years, you are likely to never encounter this problem.

Per Paragraph G.4.f of Directive Number CPL 02-02-079 (Inspection Procedures for the Hazard Communication Standard) "" However, most people asking this question didn't get around to getting one in the first place.

Avoid falling into that category by establishing a formal inventory/review procedure for hazardous materials in your workplace.

A common question is "Where can I find an old (10, 20, 35 years! If you have not received a new shipment of the material since then, you are in the clear.

Of course, a reasonable question is "what are you doing with a 30 year old chemical? If the chemical is so vital that you can't dispose of it and the solutions in the next question don't help, consider having an SDS supplier author one for you.

If the copies you received are exact duplicates (and not updated ones) of sheets that you already have in your "readily accessible" SDS collection, then there is no requirement to keep the extra copies on hand.

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