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Sure, it makes for interesting wedding toast material, but a maniacal action-hero (or antihero) like Vincent Ricardo is not exactly the sort of man you want coming over for family dinners every other weekend. Jack Byrnes The mother of all father-in-laws is Jack Byrnes, the possessive, untrusting retired CIA agent who makes one simple weekend (and two very profitable sequels) hell for his daughter’s boyfriend/husband, Greg Focker.

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It just tends to put a damper on things, even in the animated world.

The Evil Queen makes all other in-laws look like a walk in the park.

Such is the effect that Hollywood has on millions of people who enjoy the bounty of big screen entertainment on offer.

Many of the most famous movie quotes are used frequently and have even become colloquial sayings.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most memorable in-laws we’re all glad we don’t have in our families. Viola Fields Fathers may look intimidating from a physical point of view, but it’s nothing compared to what the mothers can mentally bring to the table.

This got us thinking about a few other not-so-preferable in-laws from movies past: the manipulative, the violent, the absolutely no-holds-barred insane.

Future brides beware—there’s nothing more powerful than a mother’s pull over her son. The Entire Family This movie focuses on a different kind of intimidation entirely in that it’s based off of sheer volume.

While Toula is trying to come to terms with her heritage and cultural identity, her non-Greek fiancée, Ian, struggles to gain acceptance from her family…and I mean her entire family.

Charlotte has finally met the man of her dreams and is on her way to pure wedding bliss—until her fiancée’s mother tries to get in the way.

Jane Fonda does an incredible job of portraying any wife’s worst nightmare: the controlling mother-in-law.

But this relationship was doomed to be fraught with intimidation.

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