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Take a look at this week’s wildly creative uniform combination here. Florida State Seminoles If you have ever been to Tallahassee or watched a ‘Noles game you’ve probably witnessed their signature war-chant. The tribal designs on the sleeves and the classic arrow logo on the helmet makes Florida State a team to be reckoned with on the field. Southern California Trojans From Marcus Allen to Matt Leinart, the cardinal and gold has complimented every Trojan legend that has passed through the program.USC football might be known for being too Hollywood in some circles, but then again – Who wouldn’t feel like a celebrity in these uniforms? Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Fighting Irish play like champions every week in these gold and navy uniforms.

To calculate this portion of a school’s score, we considered a school’s overall win-loss record, their history in the Associated Press poll, the number of national championships won during the poll era, and the number of bowls or playoffs they have played in, with bonuses for BCS bowls.

Alumni success was measured largely by taking account of the professional careers of schools’ former players.

From now until January, our Saturdays will be filled with nothing but day drinking, stuffing our faces with delicious tailgate eats, trash-talking rivals, cursing referees (Because they’re hardly ever right!

), and of course binging on college football from noon until the final whistle. In the meantime, lets talk about what really sets our favorite teams apart – the uniforms.

This purple ensemble with a touch of gold rings true with the line from East Carolina’s fight song, “Loyal and bold, we’re the purple and gold.” There isn’t a fan base more proud to cheer for their purple and gold than Pirate Nation. Ohio State Buckeyes Over the past few years, Ohio State has flirted with flashier uniforms and even the color black last season.

However, nothing trumps this traditional edition of the scarlet and gray.Football has been a part of college experiences for almost 150 years.And while it has little bearing on the educational value of a school, it has tremendous influence in the life of college students and their ongoing allegiance to their alma maters.They’re loud, bright, and sometimes downright crazy, but it works because it’s Oregon.Ducks’ alum and Nike founder Phil Knight just might be the reason why these Ducks are spoiled with a new uniform combination each week.There is no helmet in college football that is more prestigious than Notre Dame’s. Legend has it, the gold paint on the helmets contains real gold.

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