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It is good to hear that she seems to be so nice and passionate nowadays though, especially given I'm an Alliance fan.It would suck if the team I liked was managed by someone who I think acts like a jerk, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case.I find it silly that people still give her loads of shit nowadays when she really hasn't done stuff like that in a long time, but to say that the only reason she's had haters is because she's a chick and tells trolls to fuck off doesn't seem right to me.

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I dunno man, I think the initial reason people disliked Kelly was more due to the stuff with Moonglade/Huk and the casting thing with Tobi.

That's certainly why I had a bad impression of her at first.

They said she was one of the nicest people they met.

Her biggest "crime" is getting into arguments with trolls online.

She's passionate about esports and taking care of the players. She gets haters because she's a chick and tells trolls to fuck off.

But without question she's one of the good people in the community and people should ease up on the hate.

So she had sex with multiple people in esports and she broke down / screwed up as an inexperienced caster in two games.

Neither of those is an unspeakable crime or an act of pure evil. Which is a term I feel perfectly fine using for those that get worked up on the "oh she dumped one guy on the day he plays his first game and then hugged this other guy" kind of story - as if something truly terrible had occurred there.

Plus all the cool shit she does for fans of Alliance.

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