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Located in Mile-Ex, this 12,000-square-foot space includes galleries, a music studio and several other creative studios. to 5 p.m., as well as during scheduled events posted on its Events page. It’s the perfect spot for getting together with friends for a pint while seeing some of the LGBTQ community’s top talent.

Admission to the gallery and permanent exhibits is free. Plus, it’s a safe space where you can let your true colours shine.

And since Le Pick-Up is staffed by an extremely inclusive bunch, you can expect to feel right at home here.

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Every spring, the LGBTQ community converges in this industrial space in Mile-Ex to savour its unforgettable drinks (that means you, Bicicletta) and soak up the festive atmosphere. On weeknights, the crowd also includes young professionals and students—especially when the sun comes out.

Florence Gagnon is the founder of Lez Spread the Word (LSTW), a website providing news and entertainment content in French and English, while being a valuable resource for the French- and English-speaking lesbian community.

If you have a penchant for contemporary art and LGBTQ issues, pencil in some time for Never Apart. Located at the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Bernard Avenue, PING PONG CLUB is one of the best watering holes in Mile End.

In addition to hosting the monthly rendezvous of the city’s LGBTQ women, the bar organizes a variety of inclusive and diverse events all year long.

This institution has a hard-earned rep and deserves your support.

Alexandraplatz Bar is a great spot to grab a drink in the summer, when it opens its massive sunny patio.

Not only have they been brewing their own suds at their Jean-Talon Street location since 2015, they’ve also produced tantalizing menus for brunch, lunch and dinner.

The down-to-earth atmosphere was inspired by the original brasserie run by Marie-Pier’s father in Amos, Québec —and it’s without a doubt the key to their success.

Several women from Montréal’s LGBTQ community are throwing their talents into businesses like restaurants, bookshops, microbreweries and visual arts projects.

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