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As modern technology advances Wi-Fi (wireless signal) has replaced the need for these cables but they are still used.Setting up an FTP connection is easy, simply connect the Xbox and your computer/device to your the same router.*this is the same connection setup for streaming multimedia to the original Xbox via XBMCThis is the most common connection, and it's also what is on the video tutorial.

Transferring files is everything, there's no need to install a homebrew app, once it's transferred it automatically installs as well.

*internet is not required to FTPOption #1 - Wired Xbox, Wired Computer: An Ethernet cable is simply any internet cable.

If you're still having trouble locating your IP address, open us your Xbox dashboard (unleashx/evolutionx), select settings and find the IP address under network configuration.

On the Xbox under Network Settings change the Type to DHCP (as opposed to static).

CD-RW is recommended, it is the best recognized throughout all three drives.

This option should be a last resort since it's for the more computer savvy.

*internet is not required to FTP , only the last two digits are the ones that usually differ. Whether you're using Unleash X or Evolution X dashboard you should see you IP address right on the dashboard, in the video above Evoluton X dashboard is being used.

If you're using Unleash X then the IP address will show up at the bottom right corner.

To extract simply means to release the files that are inside of the zipped/compressed folder.

Emulators must be extracted/unzipped before being transferred to the Xbox.

You may turn them on afterwards.*don't be afraid to open and browse the Xbox folders, the main folder should have other folders inside such as application, emulators, games etc.

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