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One dollar from the sale of every bar goes to support either a rescue of the month or an organization of the chocolate buyer’s choice, helping animals throughout the country.

Each decadent cake has been inspired by family heirloom recipes dating back to 1898 Europe, and expertly adapted by Dana Davenport, Dilettante Chocolates founder and Master Confectioner.

The Scoop: As a self-described chocolate addict and dog lover, Sarah Feoli combined her interests to create Rescue Chocolate, a company that sells tasty treats to benefit animal rescues.

The dog’s name was Mocha, and though Sarah had grown up having dogs, she didn’t think she could have a pet with her busy schedule and small apartment.

When she kept seeing the image of the sad-looking pit bull, she eventually realized she could no longer resist adopting Mocha.

When Sarah Feoli first moved to New York City more than a decade ago, she went on a hunt for the best vegan chocolate she could find.

She thought she might sample 10 or so options, but it turned out that dozens upon dozens of shops in the city made vegan chocolate concoctions.

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At the same time, the company raises awareness about a rescue’s mission by linking to its website.

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