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However, it also gives you the opportunity to be in control since the two of you are physically apart, yet still enjoy a sexual conversation. Fortifies a romantic relationship When you have a crush or in love with a lady, what’s a better way to create a bond if not erotic texts and images?

It is through the exchange of the sex-related contents that you will capture her attention, woo, and put her in the mood to get laid.

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Out of the 870 people studied 88% had been engaged in sexting with 82% of the group having sexted the previous year. But this will only hold if both parties involved in the practice are open to the habit.

Just like foreplay precedes the actual sexual act; sexting can be termed as the digitalized foreplay.

Sending of sexting pics has been made easier in the modern world to the ease of internet access and the rise of Smartphones.

With such mobile phones, anyone can easily capture download and send any sexually related content to his boyfriend or girlfriend.

It will set the stage for a stormy passionate love making night.

When you send her the right sexy message, they will act as an aphrodisiac even for a future date.When a couple has a difficulty in showing the physical attraction to one another and hence fuels their relationship, exchange of sexy messages becomes the next best alternative.Sexual emoji and sexting pics will help such couple to express their love to one another thereby achieve intimacy in their affair. Can help ignite or stoke a dying fire There comes a time in a relationship when things tend to cool down.To keep the love spark between the two of you while you are away, kik sexting can help you maintain the bond in your relationship. Safer or secure Sexting, when compared to the physical interaction or foreplay, is safer.Intense foreplay or petting may easily erode a set boundary and two parties may find themselves into the actual sex.However, you can advance only in your message after the physical meeting or have known him better. Don’t be afraid to get dirty in your words Having built a bond, you can go overboard and include sexy and playful words in your conversation.

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