Misadventures in atlanta dating blog

I mentioned the fact that I was a good student in high school, and how I don't remember any teachers taking an active interest in mentoring me like they did the smart male students.

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Misadventures in atlanta dating blog

Seemed benign enough, so I agreed to meet him Friday night for dinner at a nice restaurant on Krog Street.

Unbeknownst to me, that statement actually heralded the first of many red flags.

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In other words, sexism, classism, and racism are all just figments of my imagination.

That's right about when the psychobabble shitstorm hit. "So, here in Atlanta, GA, guess which one of us is gonna get arrested for walking around in public without her shirt on? It's just basic common sense that this is how our laws work." He countered indignantly, "Oh, you're one of those," implying that I'm a bitter, angry woman who feels she's been wronged by white male-dominated society. Only someone with Play-doh for a brain would deny matters of common sense experience.

I wondered aloud how my life might have been different had I been encouraged to explore the same options as my male counterparts, adding that although I've done whatever I wanted to do in life as a woman, I've had to learn to fly under the radar to accomplish certain things.

to launch into a largely unintelligible diatribe about how "none of that mattered then and it doesn't matter now" because according to his supreme wisdom, I was mired down in the past and gender inequality is a social construct that only exists in our minds and since he doesn't practice it or believe in it, he is exempt from acknowledging that it's still a problem for certain other individuals.

We placed our orders for food and wine, deciding to share a foie gras appetizer and The Luminary's signature seafood tower. Things started getting weird when D's response to my question regarding what he did for a living was, "I live a life of leisure." "Oh? " He then proceeded to fill me in on how he's been on "walkabout" for the past few years. So, this sojourner on a globe-trotting mind-expanding voyage of self-discovery loves everyone and everything indiscriminately--especially women--because we are all connected and part of each other in some way, does a little business here and there, pops in and out of different cities, and laments the infrequency with which he encounters like-minded individuals.

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