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If your date is below the legal age of consent, you could be charged with statutory rape, even if the sex is consensual.

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It is also considered illegal to sell a firearm to any person who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or has a mental condition that would prohibit the use of a firearm.

Possession of firearms in the state closely resembles the regulations and guidelines of Alaska law for the purchase of shotguns, rifles, and handguns.

In order to purchase a firearm in the state of Alaska, the main requirement is that the individual be at least 18 years of age.

However, it is considered illegal to sell or transfer any firearm to people who have been found guilty of committing a felony.

The permit is available to those who have been residents of the state for over 90 days prior to the application, has not been convicted of two or more misdemeanors in the past six years, and has not been ordered to enter an alcohol treatment or drug abuse program currently or in within the past three years.

If underage dating involves sexual intercourse, state statutory rape laws may apply.

Age of consent is the age at which a person chooses to take part in sexual activity without it being considered statutory rape. S., the general age of consent is 16, 17 or 18, depending on the state.

However, some states have lower ages of consent under certain circumstances.

It is also prohibited for any place that sells any kind of liquor to possess a loaded firearm on the premises.

The only people that are held in exception are the owner or lessee, and the immediate employees while being on the site of the business.

Alaska gun laws allow for the carrying of a concealed handgun, as long as the person is over the age of 21 and meets the requirements to be considered eligible to possess a firearm.

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