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Albuquerque This sleepy southwestern town has Native American folklore and petroglyphs, but slim pickings for social life.32.

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New York City Sex and the City tricked a nation of women into believing that New York was the ultimate destination for single women looking for love.24.

Phoenix This nondescript desert metropolis doesn't offer much in the way of meet and greets; it scored low for social life.25.

We’ve come a long way from Where The Boys Are, the 1960 flick about four college girls who hit the road in search of eligible men.

Today, such crucial relocation choices can’t be left up to chance.

Memphis You're more likely to find a good BBQ joint here than a guy with washboard abs.30.

Las Vegas All those wedding chapels must be for out-of-towners -- for singles unfortunate enough to live in Sin City, good luck getting hitched.31.San Jose Compared to its more cosmopolitan sister city to the north, San Francisco, the geekier San Jose has a hard time hosting singles who want to mingle.28.Indianapolis The Indianapolis 500 might as well refer to the number of eligible men left in this city.29.Nashville The country music industry attracts songsters to the city's Music Row, and local bars are loaded with crooning cowboys slinging their guitars, hoping to make it big.20. Petersburg The area's proximity to beaches ensures a vital nightlife and men who stay in shape.21.Dallas-Fort Worth If you're looking for sophisticated urbanites, head for Dallas.So The Daily Beast set out to quantify the best American cities for where to meet a great guy—one who’s smart, fit, fun, and most importantly, single. First, we measured cities with 500,000 or more residents.

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