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Asher inspired other songs, such as "And I Love Her", "You Won't See Me", and "I'm Looking Through You".On 25 December 1967 they announced their engagement, but they separated in early 1968.

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Mc Cartney met the American photographer Linda Eastman in a club in London while still with Asher.

They met again at the launch party for the Beatles' Sgt. In May 1968, Mc Cartney met Eastman again in New York, and they were married on 12 March 1969.

On 11 June 2002, they were married at Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Ireland.

They had one child, Beatrice, in 2003 but were living apart by May 2006.

Since the start of 2013 Paul Mc has been giving fans the unique opportunity to get theirs answered by the gentleman we’re lucky to call our boss. We all wish we had that ticket to ride alongside Paul’s tour but when it comes to getting behind the scenes and the latest announcements then the Paul Mc tour blog is the place to be!

The English musician Paul Mc Cartney had numerous relationships during his early life in Liverpool and during his time with the Beatles.Mc Cartney took out a marriage licence and set the wedding date for November, shortly before the baby was due.He then had a brief relationship with Thelma Pickles, who had previously dated Lennon.He also wrote "Golden Slumbers" at his father's house in Heswall, and said the lyrics were taken from Ruth Mc Cartney's sheet-music copy of Thomas Dekker's lullaby—also called "Golden Slumbers"—that Ruth had left on the piano at Rembrandt.In 1974, Paul recorded a song his father had previously written, entitled "Walking in the Park with Eloise", which was released by Wings under the pseudonym, "The Country Hams".became interested in music, Jim connected the radio in the living room to extension cords connected to two pairs of Bakelite headphones so that they could listen to Radio Luxembourg at night when they were in bed.

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