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When European leaders joined together to endorse a D-Day commemoration, they all put their John Hancocks at the bottom, as expected, while Trump scrawled his signature alone at the top.

The president could have made a nice little speech from the White House and not messed up everything.

Apart from columnist and journalist, she is also known as an author and her every book became famous and hit in the worldwide, which is also the best source of her income.

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He talked about what a “fool” Robert Mueller is — even though Mueller is a real war hero, not a bone spurs bloviator.

Trump told Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain” that he didn’t want to fight in Vietnam because “it was very far away, and at that time nobody ever heard of the country.” The president is such a scaredy-fraidy that those around him think he can’t even summon the strength to look at a Navy destroyer with the name of a dead war hero who defied him.

Such a nice carefree American celebration, smack in the middle of summer, redolent of cookouts and the Beach Boys crooning “Fun, fun, fun,” and still on the same day that those wicked-smart guys in Philadelphia pulled off that miracle.

On a whim, he has decided to bollix up one of the better days in the nation’s capital.

Nevertheless, news about her divorce and her husband or one of the most talked about topics on the internet.

She was in a brief relationship with movie star Michael Douglas in the years of 1998, but they haven't shared anything about their dating.

Last year, I went to hear Jimmy Buffett sing with the remnants of the Beach Boys, surrounded by surf boards and beach balls, with pyrotechnics lighting up the monuments.

George Washington’s Birthday isn’t even on his birthday anymore. It’s a great big national picnic, especially in Washington, where we have a sparkling, sprawling party every year on the Mall.

In her career, she covered biggest news and issues such as covered four presidential campaigns and worked as White House Correspondent for NYT.

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