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Dealing with a matchmaking service is much more personalized than using a dating service.

Matchmakers have a vested interest in your success.

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This is a dating coaching consultation, and does not include personal matchmaking services.

In Person Consultation Spend a Day with Julie Ferman.

If you’ve tried online dating, or even if you maintain a halfway-active presence on social media, then you know that it can be exhausting and unfulfilling to try to make connections online.

With seemingly so many potential matches out there, it can still feel impossible to find someone who’s actually right for you.

The main difference between matchmaking services and an online dating service is that when you're online dating, you are the one making a choice as to who you will talk to.

When you use a matchmaker, that person chooses who she thinks will be a good match for you.

Once we get to know you, then we take care of the rest.

You won’t have to spend your downtime fruitlessly swiping through dating profiles anymore.

Glow Match Makers offers a unique value that no dating site and very few matchmakers can match: feedback.

After your date, our staff will contact both parties to solicit real, honest feedback about the experience.

If you're interested in personal matchmaking, we offer a variety of service levels and personally tailored search packages and we can discuss these options while we're together during our dating coaching consultation.

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