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Sunday , pm I'm looking for an interesting singer to work with me on recording and maybe playing live some of my original songs.

As a singer, you need to have your own style and not be just stuck in one genre.

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The music I'm trying to make is kind of alternative with bits of influence from people like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Bat for Lashes, Nick Drake, Doves, Foals.

I'm thinking about electric guitar (nice reverb) with some sensual vocals to be backed up by interesting drum loops and programmed patterns - so there is both a sense of interesting harmony and a kick-ass rhythmic undertow.

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The data and footage collected reveal the animals' feeding habits and social behaviors, and show how whales use their blowholes to clear sea ice so they can breathe.

[Whale Album: Giants of the Deep]The research project, a collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Oregon State University, used suction cups to attach cameras with sensors to the whales' backs.

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Whales' social lives have largely remained a mystery to scientists, until now.

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