Marriage vs dating

If someone wants to know, they matter to another person, simply being heard and being confident that what they say matters, goes a long way.

There is no greater way to show someone you love them than by keeping open, honest, and authentic communication at the core of your relationship and striving to be the best listener to their words you can be.

When it comes to the bedroom, there are lots of ways to spice things up.

However, a marriage will not survive on date nights and jewelry alone.

It is genuine communication which takes the place of all these other things.

It is through what our spouse says (and sometimes what they do not say) that we begin to connect with them.

It has been proven time and time again that couples who spend lots of time talking with one another report higher levels of happiness in their marriage.

It takes some conscious thought, but intimacy can be present every day in a marriage.

Choose to grab your spouse's hand while walking in the store or opt to linger in a kiss a few moments longer than you normally would.

While in the dating world, this type of romance is quite common, you do not get a lot of these conventional ways to say, "I love you" once you say, "I do." That does not mean you have to kiss romance goodbye as soon as you get hitched, in fact, there are countless ways that romance is present in a marriage.

It just looks a little different from in the dating scene.

Small gestures, like surprising your spouse with dinner at home, or initiating an unplanned weekday trip to the local movie theatre is enough to create a little escape from day-to-day obligations.

The biggest reason spontaneity is romantic in a marriage is because it is an outward sign to your partner that you still think about them.

However, intimacy is one of those places in a relationship where communication is king.

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