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Score: 19.5 Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: It's hard to remember anything about this performance other than Kirstie's awkward smooch-attack on host and Emmy-winner Tom Bergeron following their routine.

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They sing, they dance, they write beautiful songs—but what we love about them most is that they adopt.

In a new PETA ad campaign, the musical stars gush over their rescued dog, Hendrix, and explain why it’s so important to adopt animal companions from shelters.“He knows we saved him,” Mark says in the video.“And he saved us,” BC adds.

Mark is best known for his appearances on BC is a successful singer-songwriter, and together, they make up the indie musical duo Alexander | Jean.

Hendrix has become a central member of their family.

This seems a bit extreme, but we'll take her word for it.

Score: 22 The Good: Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower: Helio's charisma was his saving grace in his somewhat messy foxtrot with Chelsie.

I don't know why,' said hostess Brooke Burke, while Grey asked, 'Why is there booing?

Not a crowd pleaser: The shiny sack appeared to be filled with her workout gear as it served the dual purpose of subtly announcing her taste for the status symbol boutique - located in Beverly Hills.

Kellie Pickler wore Nike trainers as she lugged a large gym bag to practice Having earned her place as a star in her own right - after eight seasons on the competitive show - Chelsie toted a bag brandishing the name of celebrity-magnet store Kitson. The mother of one revealed not an extra ounce of flesh as she shimmied her way through a dazzling dance routine during the second week performances. Zendaya showed off her now famous upbeat attitude with her hair done up in a bun and a light coating of make up All-star: The Ukrainian brandished her day's worth of reading material Safety first: Judge Len Goodman praised: Martina Navratilova L and Gladys Knight could find themselves in trouble when it comes to the elimination show Happy: It was lovely at times.

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