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Resilvering is the same concept as rebuilding a RAID array.

With most other RAID implementations, there is no distinction between which blocks are in use, and which aren't.

The computer I used has only 4 SATA-II connectors and I decided to use one for the boot device itself.

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I also tested mirror (RAID-1) setups, but due to the length of the article I later decided not to include those.

I have used the word "pool" from the world of ZFS and Btrfs whenever I am dealing with the RAID-5 array. Whenever we use any kind of precautionary measures against data corruption, such as backup and/or filesystem data integrity verification, we need to test our setup with at least some simulated failures before we implement a solution.

I have repeated many of the tests more than once, but did not document everything as the results where very similar.

My main interest was to see how the different systems would handle multiple breakdown situations in a RAID-5 setup.

Never use a trial-and-error approach when something goes wrong with your filesystem or backup solution!

Very often a really bad situation is caused by a trial-and-error approach to a problem.

I could have booted from a USB stick and then used four drives, but I wanted to speed up both the installation time and boot time. RAID-5 stores parity blocks distributed across each disk.

In the event of a failed disk, these parity blocks are used to reconstruct the data on a replacement disk. I know some people "frown" upon RAID-5, but a RAID-5 is a really great way to utilize both speed and space.

During the process I sometimes jumped back and forth between different tests on the different systems.

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