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This is how I grew up, I was raised by my dad and that was my model.”As for why lesbians might be so into her, she muses, “Perhaps there’s been a subtext that [we’ve] played into since the beginning!”On , Lauren plays Sarah Braverman, a single mom to two teenagers, including daughter Amber (Mae Whitman). ”I reminded her that, in the original film, Martha Plimpton (whose character is ostensibly the inspiration for Amber) shaved off all of her hair.“You just gave me another piece of evidence to convince the networks it was the right move,” Whitman said.Part of Amber’s figuring out who she is does include her sexuality, Whitman says. I personally feel that’s very important to portray.

It has generally been assumed that Walt Whitman was either gay or bisexual, simply from reading his works.

Evidence from personal accounts, including Oscar Wilde and several other long-time friends or companions. Walt Whitman never came out as a gay man because in the 19th Century, he would have risked prison or worse.

So my character is trying to have a relationship and continue to be creative and feeling a little shy that it’s taking her a while.

On our show, things don’t really blow up or anything — it’s just small human moments.

please i really want to know is Mae Whitman a singer i want that answer to do my homework if i don't do it i will have F for my grade and i will not pass fcat i will stay in 6 grade thank you for letting me put this message i be waiting right here for the answer THANKS YOU thanks everyone Jeanette Winterson, Rita Mae Brown and Scottish writer Ali Smith are all known for writing lesbian stories.

Sarah Waters is a well known author having written both the 'Tipping the Velvet' and 'Fingersmith' novels.

I think it’s really important to stay attuned to that.

And that’s something I’ve never had to fight them on and I really appreciate that.”On the third season, debuting this fall, Amber and her mother will be going through a new phase together, as Amber is moving out on her own.“I think it’s a big moment for any parent,” Graham said.

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Graham speculated about the reasons behind the loyalty of that fanbase when I spoke to her at the NBC Television Critics Association Press Party on Monday.

Whitman was also at the NBC TCA Party, with a fierce new asymmetrical blonde ‘do shaved on one side.. “I gotta say, everybody that’s involved with is nothing but collaborative and keeping it real and making the changes and being honest.

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