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You might think you’re hiding that but you’re probably revealing red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness.

Now I don’t mean red flags of narcissism, I mean red flags of desperation to fill the loneliness like maybe you’re acting needy or maybe you’re just too quick to get involved with someone and accept their disrespectful behavior.

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These are my recommendations, let me know in the comments if you’ve put yourself back out there again how that’s going, what you’re learning, how you’re setting new standards, and what you’re learning about yourself in these interactions with others.

I recently started hanging out with a great group of friends. All of us are looking for love and want to STOP being single.

You can make the best use of your loneliness by working on your self-healing, getting a new hobby, learning something new, taking a new class.

You can learn so much online nowadays even if you don’t have money.

You can catch up with friends that maybe you haven’t seen in a while, if you have friends in your life. You can learn everything there is about dating and relationships.

That’s really important after you get out of these destructive relationships.

I’m gonna tell you how it goes from one to done, meaning one to back in the abuse cycle again or at the very least lowering your value and settling for less than what you’re worth, which then leads you into more negative cycles.

This can apply to meeting new friends as well so keep that in mind.

And the common mistake is that people get back out into dating too soon.

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