Lithuanian sex web camera

In the span of three weeks I managed 5 notches and a blowjob with Lithuanian girls.

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In fact, it would be safe to assume that 80% of quality Lithuanian girls aged between 20 and 25 in Vilnius are in a relationship.

Lithuanian society may not be as traditional as Russian or Ukrainian ones (Maverick Traveler called Lithuania “the gate to Eastern Europe”) but it’s probably very different from what the average As a result, demographics clearly work in our favor.

A staggering 8 out of 10 women I spoke to had blue eyes – with green and brown eyes being more prominent among Slavic women.

Lithuanian girls also possess simply beautiful faces.

As a result, I’ve had to remove some of the real photos of Lithuanian women and replace them with stock photos.

Traveling solo is a very important aspect in the life of a single man.In addition to that, their skin and teeth aren’t always as good as they should be – consequence of excessive smoking.As for their personality, I would define Lithuanian girls as feminine, cultured and intelligent.One of my dates actually said ‘Any Lithuanian woman bigger than a size 36* is considered fat’.They also tend to be rather tall, which is not great for a 5″ 7′ guy like myself – but I liked the fact that even short girls had long legs.I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what a lone wolf can achieve in a foreign country with little money – provided he makes intelligent decisions. I had almost a full month of adventures and Lithuanian girls.

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