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Lee Byunghun is really great:)can I ask when we'll gonna watch the part 2??? its nothing but like CSI ( Crime Scene Investigation) and one thing i hate about this drama is that the subtitle is a suck!!! grammatically incorrect and funny translations..hahaha.. no offense fans..well, i don't have that what you so-called "K-crazy" but still, i like korean dramas.. SMILE HI Currently I'am watching his movie,,,, I am not so like to see Korean drama,,,, But this time,,,, I've just view this movie recklam ans I desire to see this,, maybe he's acting skill effected it,,,,, Whatever I like him and his acted IRIS, I love it IRIS is the best Korean drama I've seen so far...Lee Byung-Hun then made a push to become an international star. The Korea Times reported that when the cast and staff of G. Joe visited South Korea, the director of the film, Stephen Sommers, asked Lee Byung-Hun for tips on speaking with the Korean press.

In 1991 Lee Byung-Hun competed in an open audition for television network KBS and was accepted. To be paired off with this extremely great looking hot as well as talented actor is A in my book. It's an old drama...don't know how I overlooked it. If u haven't seen "Iris" it certainly is a " MUST WATCH" . he doesn't even look like the same guy until he smiles (his teeth are pretty distinct/unique)... There is one in your family/relative/friends circle. He has been trying/working very hard since the 90s that's why he has become an international actor.

He then made his television acting debut in the 1991 KBS drama "Asphalt My Hometown." Lee Byung-Hun didn't make his mark in television until the following year, when he appeared in the 1992 KBS drama "Tomorrow Love." His performance as Shin Beom-su provided a mixture of toughness and softness that appealed heavily to female viewers. He's a bit of a Korean Clint Eastwood in a lot of ways. I am waiting for his next project (drama/movies) Hwaiting Lee Byung Hun!!

The movie would go on to gain more than 8 million admissions and marked Lee Byung-Hun's first major blockbuster hit. I have seen other shows with LBH , but this is the one that grabbed my soul.

In the early to mid 2000's Lee Byung-Hun experienced more success on the small screen with "Beautiful Days" and "All In" and on the big screen with "Bungee Jumping of Their Own." His next blockbuster hit would occur in 2005, when he starred in Ji-woon Kim's mafia film "A Bittersweet Life." The movie premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and received strong praise from the film festival circuit. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." Lee Byung-Hun has also kept some of the mischievousness from his childhood days.

I have long admired Hng Kong, Tokyo and Shanhai for their films, but they're usually to martial arts pictures.

He shows a very swanky, cool performance and you cannot help but fall for him in it! For promotion of "Romeo Must Die", he blushed when talking about being so close to AAliyah, and confessed to a skin allergy to her make-up. I am actively looking for other films featuring Byung-hun Lee.

I've been a fan for awhile, and definitely enjoyed "The Good, The Bad, and The Weird," but you definitely made a lifetime fan with your latest work. dnt realy knw why u and SHK broke up due 2 diff in age cos u luk 10yrs younger than ur age...u hv an amazing body and ur smile is breathtaking..r 2 much!! Hello Byung-hun Lee, I believe I crazy watching IRIS . Lee byung hun (LBH) really have a great and outstanding performance and i guess, most of us agreed that LBH are the main key for this IRIS drama.

two other guys live together as room mates and the main guy i think lives with one of the girl and her family. Your work in "I Saw the Devil" was absolutely haunting. awww, LBH u r the hottest actor ever...absolutely hot! so, for me he doesn't look his age & he is even more handsome now compared to when he was younger. great actor, great in iris (he won the daesang for it) numerous awards & pride of korea!

You can see how much passion he put into his work and how serious he is to get into each character he plays!

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