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is she saying the event is true but it was a bit exaggerated..;;; Anyways, whether Jang Hee Jin lied or exaggerated... It's the fault of Jang Hee Jin for over-exaggerating the story.

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Both their agencies revealed on Agust 5, 'The couple are currently discussing and planning their photo shoot before the wedding.' One source revealed that the couple are working with one fashion magazine and are planning a wedding photo shoot on August 22.

A representative from Lee Bo Young's agency Will Entertainment confirmed that 'the wedding photo shoot is in progress,' but that 'because they are still working things about with the media the date and place have not been determined yet.' Ji Sung's agency Namoo Actors similary said, 'It is definitely in progress, but the destination has yet to be determined,' and 'because of drama and personal schedules the date also has not been determined yet.' The lovely couple revealed in 2007 that they were seeing each other, and have been dating ever since.

Lee Bo Young and Jisung first met while filming SBS 'Save the Last Dance for Me' in 2004, and revealed their dating status in 2007.

Lee Bo Young captured the hearts of many fans in the recently concluded 'I Hear Your Voice,' playing the role of a prissy lawyer named Jang Hye Sung.

While they were eating their meal, the owner came back and asked Jang Hee Jin if she was Sun Woo (t/n: Jang Hee Jin's character's name) from 'My Daughter Seo Young' and apologized for not recognizing her earlier and for not giving her the sashimi as service and that she'll be right back with the sashimi.

The owner still didn't recognize Lee Bo Young who played Seo Young in the drama.People were arguing whether her using her fame to get special treatment was considered rude or not and that Jang Hee Jin sharing the story was a bit careless. Don't let your anger out on the netizens, do it on Jang Hee Jin instead.] Isn't Lee Bo Young being a bit too sensitive over this...Jang Hee Jin didn't seem like she was telling the story with a malicious intent and even I just laughed over it while watching it on Radio Star, but it also seems wrong that there are some people who are using the material from the Radio Star episode that aired a few months ago to leave hate comments on Lee Bo Young's articles....The two are close because they were co-stars during 'My Daughter Seo Young', so Jang Hee Jin said she would often hang out with Lee Bo Young and her family.Jang Hee Jin said that Lee Bo Young would get a lot of free service at restaurants for going to their restaurant and that she (Jang Hee Jin) would have some bites of that and what not.Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character.

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