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The Court found that the purpose of these requirements under the Insurance Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act is: to ensure that a person who drives a car always knows whether they are insured, so that they can take steps to bridge any gap in their coverage, both for their own benefit and for the benefit of other drivers.If they are not able to secure alternate coverage, they must not drive the vehicle or allow it to be driven.

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233, which makes claims by the insured for personal loss or indemnity invalid and unrecoverable.

In short, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that the statutory scheme mandating auto insurance in Ontario has supplanted an insurer’s common law rights to treat a policy as void ab initio.

After receiving judgment against Intact’s insureds, the pedestrian and her family brought an action against Intact under section 258(1) of the Insurance Act.

On summary judgment, the motion judge was required to determine whether the insurer was entitled to rescind the insurance contract with the tortfeasors, and if so, whether the purported rescission had the effect of precluding the injured pedestrian, as an innocent third party, from making a claim against Intact under s. The motion judge dismissed the pedestrian’s action on summary judgment.

Some of the most common MOT failures are down to small, avoidable factors like tyre pressure, windscreen wipers and light bulbs.

By carrying out a few simple checks before you bring your car in, you could save the hassle of a retest. If your vehicle is undergoing its first MOT then a V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) is required, this document is also required if your vehicle has had a change of registration plate since its last MOT.This means that if an insurer wants to get off risk because of a misrepresentation or other approved ground, it must terminate the contract in accordance with Statutory Condition 11.It cannot treat the contract as being void ab initio.Mow Spares Ltd supply a range of lawnmower blades, trimmer line, spools, chainsaw chains and other parts & accessories that fit various lawnmowers, grass trimmers, chainsaws & other garden machines including those manufactured or branded by .Please check your machine to make sure you identify the correct model and / or part number you are looking for.Our specialist ATA-trained testers can carry out almost all required repairs on site on the same day - and we always quote upfront so no nasty surprises!

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