Laptop battery icon not updating

If the steps on this page do not resolve the issue, it is possible there is a group policy setting on the laptop preventing the battery power icon from being displayed.If you are using a work laptop, your IT staff may have removed that icon from the notification area.

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Laptop battery icon not updating

My laptop has begun to exhibit this issue where it charges only upto a random percentage between 89 and 94 and then stops charging.

Many laptops come with battery lifetime extending software which prevents overcharging.

In this article, We are going to explain a very simple method using which you can solve this problem.

Note: Before trying out the below solution, you should try to unplug the charger and remove and reinsert the battery and see if it’s working.

Thanks for the concern but did you not see the edit in the question?

So, perform the method and now check if the issue is fixed for you.My new Asus does this as well, charges to somewhere between 90% and 100%, then stops charging and uses the battery for a while before charging again.This is better for the battery than constantly keeping it charged at 100%If you however shut down your pc, and keep the charger plugged in.Else you can ask Windows to find the appropriate driver software by itself by clicking on the option Search automatically for updated driver software.Above solution helped Peter to resolve “Battery plugged in not charging in windows 10 ” in his laptop. If not, Don’t worry, our technical experts are here to help.If the above method does not work out for you, follow the second method.

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