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Dating for idols even in the simplest of cases is a reputational and social minefield and can, in the worst cases, halt or ruin careers.In Korea, basketball star Im Hyo-sung was a hardcore fan of S.The story went that Rain, who was not aware he was on air live when g.

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Dating a fan could be perceived as the idol expressing preference for one fan over others, and therefore spurning the devotion of many others.

This could mislead fans and diminish the healthy distance that ought to exist between idols and fans.

Fans captured the moment which made it seem Junsu and Taeyeon are holding hands on stage.

Their secret rendezvous stirred up the imaginations, dating line phone but their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way and the pair called it quits last year after a year together. The two were snapped enjoying an intimate midnight drive.

In fact, in December, Dispatch released evidence that G-Dragon and Jooyeon are indeed dating as they spent three days on Jeju Island together.

Lee Hyori and Lee Seo Jin began dating in and even had rumors of possible wedding plans being made.Idol groups are reliant on their fans, hence the strong fandom culture and identity found in K-pop, so artists are often unlikely to undertake any activity which could damage this relationship.We argue and cherish each other like just any other couple.For a statement, LOEN Entertainment spoke up with what most netizens speculate as to be a lie and said IU was just ill and Eunhyuk appeared in her dorm to help her, however, the fact that Eunhyuk's shirt is off, they are visibly in a bed and even though of the lack of perspiration on their skin, it's obvious that they were doing more than just helping a poor and ill woman.It was somewhat planned, they had sex and IU is far from innocent.The agency revealed that G-Dragon himself spoke about the situation. She's the icon of first love and he is the boy who can do no wrong.

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