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; the more important slang, scientific, and technical words and phrases that are not given in previous editions of the Dictionary ; together with other words formerly omitted appearing in the more commonly read works of authors since and including the time of Moliere, Bossuet, Fenelon, and Montesquieu in France, and of Shakespeare in England.

The additions made to each section consist of new or revived terms that have come into French and English use either directly through the War or rwing to the initiation or popularization of developments in Art, Science, Commerce, Philosophy, etc.

These deletions, we should remark, affect the English-French section of the Dictionary to a greater extent than the French-English section, as, PREFAGE ■upon submitting this section to an exhaustive examination it was iound that it included many compound words that are rarely, if ever, used, and a con- siderable number of words that are of merely dialectal or technical interest.

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Abuse, evil usage or custom ; grievance ; misuse (of power, confidence, words, etc.); error. (Quoits) To throw nearest the mark for the right of having the first go ; (Ship- building) to abut, to fit exactly (of wood).

Ce sont des gens au meme acabit, they are all tarred with the same brush, acacia (aka'qia), n.m.

In matters of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, etc., the French Dic- tionary “ Larousse Pour Tous ” has been taken as the guide for French vords, and Cassell’s New English Dictionary for English words. In the present edition of Cassell’s French-English Dictionary the pronouncing lists of Ancient and Modem Proper Names in History, Geography, vii PREFACE Mythology, etc., have been treated in one alphabet m each section instead of being split up, as in former editions, into separate lists of Personal and Geographical Names. In conclusion, the Editor would like to express his thanks to the many friends and fellow-workers who have rendered him valuable services in many scientific and technical departments of his work ; and to mention that besides the former editions of Cassell’s French-English Dictionary he is indebted to Beaujean and Littre, Larousse Pour Tous, the New English Dictionary (Oxford University Press), and — for the phonetic section of Part I. / • • • Vlll CONTENTS PAGE Preface v Key to Pronunciation x Table of Irregular and Defective Verbs xii List of Irregular and Defective Verbs conjugated after the Verbs in the Foregoing Table xxii Chief Abbreviations Used xxiv The Dictionary — Part I. .428 6 IX KEY TO PRONUNCIATION ( See also Preface, p.

When two or more French equivalents of an English noun are given the gender of the last only is indicated when the preceding equivalents are of the same gender as the last ; and when it is necessary to show feminines, plurals, irregular past and present participles, etc., these are given in small clarendon within round brackets immediately following the part of speech, the root being repeated. Daniel Jones himself for personally reading the proofs of this section.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the word or phrase following it is obsolete. 3 Cl D g •r H 43 9 F£ o h cd a T •r H 4-3 o a ’r H 5 p xn CD -4-3 *4H o 43 o .

The aspiration of French words with initial “ h 31 is indicated by means of a dagger (f ).

A full key of the symbols employed will be found at pp.

Daniel Jones, Header in Phonetics at the University of London (who are joint-secretaries of the Association), have used that script through- out both sections of the present volume, and have by its means indicated the pronunciation of every main-word, whether French or English, and such subsidiary words or combinations whose divergence in pronunciation from that of the main-word is sufficiently marked to render this course advisable.

g as m j 53 33 5 33 33 Ji 3 ) 3 i 33 33 s 33 33 t5 33 33 G 33 33 ft 33 33 3 33 33 d 3 33 33 hw 33 33 n 33 33 X 33 33 Fr.

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