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Their oldest child, 15-year-old Charlie Otero, would discover his parents' lifeless bodies when he returned home from school with his other siblings. "I ran down the hall, went in their bedroom and saw my mother on the bed, my father on the floor, and my heart just got ripped out of my chest. If they looked inside an engineering book at the Wichita Public Library he shared, they'd find a letter describing the murders in depth and announcing his intentions to kill again.

"I went to the back door of the kitchen entrance and opened it up and walked inside, and I looked at the stove. How many people did he have to kill, he'd wonder in a subsequent letter, before he got some national attention for his work?

He'd traveled to the Detroit-area apartment she shared with her husband the afternoon of Feb. 1 special detailing the murderer's reign of terror.

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And my mom's purse was on the stove, flipped up and disheveled, stuff thrown everywhere. She was a very tidy person and the kitchen never looked like that. That winter, he'd enroll at Wichita State to study law enforcement, often using library study sessions as an alibi to hunt for victims, a process he called trolling that could take months or even years.

Once he'd keyed in on a future victim, he'd set about stalking, waiting for his perfect moment.

He also started work installing ADT security systems, the same protection families were ordering in the hopes of protecting themselves from BTK.

In late 1974, Paula revealed to him that she was expecting, causing Rader to take an extended break from his dark double life. With a job and a baby, I got busy."But by 1977, he'd grown restless.

Having cut the phone lines to the Otero's residence, he forced his way in using a gun.

Then he set about suffocating the foursome by using a plastic bag. Otero as comfortable as I could," he would later share during a court hearing.

She was taken aback that something like this was happening in the background of her largely idyllic childhood.

Still, she assumed, as she'd later relay to cameras that the guy was just some law-breaking miscreant, "a loner." Never once did she imagine he was her father.

But to Rawson, he was the man who took her and older brother Brian Rader on weeklong hiking trips and walked her down the aisle at her 2003 wedding to Darian Rawson, a graphic designer she met while studying at Kansas State.

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