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One of the fans excitedly told Urban, “I tweeted you asking if you could marry me, which is so weird because I’m standing right here next to you.” “You just tweeted me asking if I would marry you?A Grammy-award winning star, Keith Urban began pursuing his passion from an early age and despite the rocky road to fame, he has established his status as one of the most popular country singers.

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It might be the main reason behind their personal dispute with each other.” We don’t have further information about their alleged divorce, but we will inform you people as soon as we get hold of anything new.

Taylor was formerly married to former Miami Hooters linebacker Matt Martinez.

A source close to the twice married model confirmed that the American beauty’s marriage with her American stock car racing driver husband was on the verge of breaking apart.

A reliable source revealed that the much in love couple, who got married to each other back in 2006, was having misunderstandings between them.

The beauty with a height of 5.11 feet has an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars.

.” During his performance, Keith made some fans day by bringing them up to the stage to take a photo.

Taylor’s relationship with her first husband ended in divorce, but we don’t want her and Lamar’s relationship to end up just like that.

We hope that the couple reconciles and solves their differences instead of separating.

“I am not sure about the reason behind their arguments, but I have heard from someone that the main issue was money.

They have been facing some financial issues lately.

Niki and Burney are both on fire and they have decided to get some legal help.

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