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In 1898, Bradham renamed his drink into “Pepsi-Cola”.

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Relating to the customers is, in part, the purpose of a company’s logo.

For example, I think we can agree the first Apple logo showing a picture of Sir Isaac Newton or the old Pepsi logo looking nothing like it does now, might not have been the best ideas.

By 1943, the Pepsi logo adopted a “bottle cap” look that included the slogan, “Bigger Drink, Better Taste”.

Later, in 1962, the Pepsi logo was replaced with two bulls-eye marks encircling “Pepsi”, and then again in 1973, into a boxed Pepsi logo with minor typeface changes.

Everything changes with time and companies are no exception.

Big corporations need to keep up with the times not only by changing their policies and products but also by polishing and modernizing their appearance.

Today’s Coca-Cola logo is amazingly similar to what it was 124 years ago.

(Read more: here)(via boredpanda)The original logo was designed by Ron Wayne, who started Apple with Jobs and Woz in 1976.

In 1991, Pepsi commemorated the evolution of its scripted Pepsi logo by featuring a logo design with an italic capital typeface.

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