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It was a thrill being part of Harry Potter – it’s like being part of the Bond Franchise. Warwick Davis, who’s Willow, I did a scene with him and I was, like, completely and utterly… ‘It’s your day, it’s going to be amazing so just enjoy it.’ And she also said keep level-headed and stay grounded. If it was the same with every film as it was with Harry Potter then definitely. Were you a fan of the Harry Potter stories before joining the cast?‘You know, because Willow was my favourite film in my childhood. It was really fun, hopefully it’ll look really good, it was really exciting to film because it was all for real – it was just me and Dan and a Steadicam, so it was really, really exciting. I was a fan but I hadn’t read the books – I’d only seen the films.But Cedric is just a quiet guy who instinctively doesn’t do horrible things – so hopefully he’ll be sympathetic. I’ve not really thought about it until people started saying ‘Well, you beat 5,000 girls! What made you want to audition, because your dad has said you’d never even acted in school plays before? The book doesn’t really mention what kind of accent she has so everyone’s going to expect an English accent so when I do speak I think it’s going to surprise a few people, which’ll be cool. Is it true you’ve received hate mail from jealous girls? I’ve received so much fan mail and they’re all so supportive, and it’s really encouraging. I’m sure there are a few jealous girls because Dan has so many female fans.

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Then Cho Chang turns to her secret crush Harry Potter to be boyfriend and girlfriend but can`t get Cedric Diggory off her mind from still being in love with him.

, Emma insisted that Robert is just a good friend when asked if sparks ever flew between them.

Cho Chang is British Born Chinese and the girlfriend of both Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe). Rowling must be thanked for setting such a negative precedent for BBC's to follow...normalising relations between Chinese girls and White guys, normalising the invisibility and irrelevance of the Chinese male, normalising the severance of the Chinese female from her own ethnic Chinese community into joining the White community and hammering the nail into the coffin of the fragile BBC community, and why not - our BBC community doesn't have a future anyway, why not ethnically cleansed it?

Cho Chang's jooksing White Fever fetish is so strong, she goes through the Harry Potter saga without ever dating a Chinese male nor having any Chinese friends. 'Chinese female falling for the White Knight' is portrayed repeatedly on the western screen to the point of ad nauseum, we have an entire generation of BBC females growing up on Harry Potter wishing they could be in Cho Chang's shoes, they want have their own real life Daniel Radcliffe as their (White) lover. Katie Leung now makes her UK stage debut as Er-Hong in an theatrical adaptation of Jung Chang's infamous 'Mao-Sino-male bashing' 'Wild Swans' at the Young Vic Theatre.

He was the only person I asked for an autograph out of all of them. As soon as I got the part I read book number 4 and I studied Viktor Krum so I could bring him to life in the film. I actually like everything about him – he’s a superstar in Quidditch, he’s obviously the champion of Durmstrang, so he’s the best boy in the school!

He’s quite a tough character – physically he gives an impression of power whatever he does, but at the same time he’s got a big heart.

I say I’m a fan of Arsenal and I don’t know anything about them – it’s kind of the same thing.

When I got told I had the audition I read the book in, like, a day and knew that I’d love the part.

I think there’s something really special about the books and I think people are going to watch these movies years from now.

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