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After having dinner with Richie (Larry Romano) and his wife, Doug finds out that Richie's wife cheats on him, he must confront him with the news.

During the course of the celebration, several things go wrong such as Doug forgetting a card and having dinner outside in the cold.

On Valentine's Day, Arthur attends a party at his senior center and meets a woman Mary (Jerry Stiller's real-life wife Anne Meara) and the two begin a love affair.

Luckily for Doug, Carrie is depressed about her new age, so Doug makes up a lie about having plans so he can sound like he remembered.

Doug invites Deacon and Kelly, but in bad timing when Deacon's mother comes to visit.

During this time, Doug finds living in his house frustrating after both Arthur and Sara make him late for work.

When Carrie keeps skipping softball games with Doug and the guys, Doug wonders what's going on.

Richie advises Doug and Carrie to abandon the car in an area where it will most likely be stolen, but they hesitate because it was a gift from Carrie's father.

Doug, Carrie, Deacon (Victor Williams) and Kelly (Merrin Dungey) attend a wedding of a man Carrie had sex with once, but Doug did not know until right before the wedding and he does not tell Carrie he knows.

When Doug first tries out the new channels he is determined to see all the channels and grows to dislike the dish.

Meanwhile, Doug and Carrie find trouble with their new hot tub when Arthur starts to ruin their time by putting up the heat and using it without any undergarments.

However, Carrie's father, Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), accidentally burns his own house down with his "lucky" hot plate after his wife died; Arthur and Carrie's sister, Sara (Lisa Rieffel), have to move in with Doug and Carrie.

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