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Gravity on Mars is 62% lower than it is here on Earth – a human who weighs 100 kg on Earth would weigh just 38 kg on the red planet.

The remarkable discovery marks the culmination of a decades-long search for these ions and helps to confirm our understanding of chemistry in the evolution of the early universe.

Details have recently been published in the journal Nature [4].

After 3 weeks in space, the soleus calf muscle shrinks by a third, followed by the loss of slow-twitch muscle fibres which are necessary for endurance.

The researchers found that trans-resveratrol can preserve muscle and bone mass in rats without impacting food intake or total body weight.

Although the reasons for the effect of trans-resveratrol on the muscles is not well understood, it is suggested that the compound maintains glucose uptake in the muscles, allowing them to perform better [1,4].

trans-Resveratrol is widely used as a dietary supplement and was first isolated in 1940 from the roots of the white hellebore plant, Veratrum grandiflorum [5].

When the universe first formed 13.8 billion years ago, only a few types of atoms existed (mainly hydrogen and helium).

It was long hypothesised that the first chemical compound in the universe was the helium hydride ion (He H), the most significant and abundant molecule in the universe and which provided a dominant mechanism for gas to cool and form stars, thereby influencing the structure of the early universe [1,2].

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