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To make matters worse when Steven tries to apologize to the teacher on Elyse's behalf, his insults cause Steven to punch him out.

Alex, the coach of Jennifer's peewee softball team, pushes his own sister too hard.

Parent/Teacher Conferences at Alex and Mallory's school become interesting when both Steven and Elyse contend with a rude, insufferable teacher (Edward Edwards), whom Elyse punches for insulting her.

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Elyse's brother Ned (Tom Hanks) returns, hoping to put his life back on track by getting a job at the TV station.

But after they learn that Ned blew the job interview by going in drunk, Steven, Elyse, and Alex try to convince him he has an alcohol problem.

Mallory becomes so emotional that she interrupts Alex's interview.

Alex is left to decide what is more important: family or college.

When family friends Richard (James Sutorius) and his son Keith (David Faustino) come for a visit, it is known that Richard has gone through a divorce.

Upon arrival, Richard reveals that his ex-wife Cynthia (Donna Mc Kechnie), is moving to California and taking Keith with her.

Note: First episode featuring a bearded Steven Keaton which he will keep for the remainder of the series.

Michael Gross had grown the beard between seasons 1 and 2 while appearing in a Broadway production.

It is up to Steven and Elyse to show Alex that being a coach is about more than winning and "doing what the coach says".

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is adapted to the Keatons as a Scrooge-like Alex is enlightened of the meaning of the Christmas season by the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Jennifer) and Future (Mallory).

The plan works only too well; he and his sisters end up double- and triple-booking every room in the house, earning enough money to fix a dozen cars.

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