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I should sue the people who designed the My Little Pony Crystal Rainbow Castle I played with in kindergarten. I knew that meant he was hiding tension, and the butterflies in my stomach got worse. But as I hurried toward the door, I did catch the eye of one vampire I hadn’t noticed before, even though I should have expected her to attend the trial of her father’s killer. Shifting in my chair, I tried—and failed—to get more comfortable. He was also very still, except for his left hand, which absently rubbed his jaw right where he had a small scar. I practically ran past the prisoner, not looking at him, either. My husband seemed to sense that I was getting very nervous, and he shifted his eyes just long enough to remind me, “Don’t freak out, Jess. It’s part of our duties.”Well, Lucius had never used the phrase “freak out,” but we had discussed how my new responsibilities included handing down justice, and sometimes sentences of—“Let the accused come forward.” I jumped as Lucius’s commanding baritone suddenly echoed off the walls, and turned with a sinking heart to see that we had been joined by a vampire who stood at the back of the room, hands shackled and head hanging low. Fingers gripping my chair, I finally forced myself to face Dumitru Vladescu, who raised his head, so I could see his dark, terrified eyes, because if he was found guilty . I wasn’t sure what the verdict on the prisoner would be, but I had never felt so guilty as when I left that room, letting down not just my husband, but the first friend I’d made in Romania. I didn’t make a very strong effort to attend the trial, either. ”At least, he’d acted fine, which was what really counted. The silk nightgown I’d changed into—in a desperate attempt to make everyone believe I really was ill—kept making my butt slip off the leather seat, and when I shoved back, my feet dangled, so I felt even more like a kid playing at being a princess. At least one Dragomir—Mihaela—never shied away from a trial. “I guess there’s nothing I can do now except try to redeem myself at tomorrow’s meeting with the Elders,” I said, looking glumly at a huge ledger that was open on my desk.

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She is the author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and Jekel Loves Hyde. Beth Fantaskey is the author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Jessica Rules the Dark Side, Jekel Loves Hyde, and Buzz Kill. ”The snow swirls around her, and she stands with her back to me, her body enveloped in a bright red cloak. I would mess up the whole event, and my relatives would all laugh as they cast their “no” ballots in the vote of confidence on the last day.

Shelives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. I was doomed to bomb at my own party, and ruin Lucius’s future, too.“It’s going to be a disaster,” I admitted out loud, for the first time.“Antanasia!

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A sequel, Jessica Rules The Dark Side, has been announced for the summer of 2011.

A bunch of witnesses saw him destroy my uncle Constantin Dragomir. But my uncle Dorin—the only Elder I considered an ally—wasn’t there, and I ended up meeting the gaze of Claudiu Vladescu, who smirked. He hovered near my desk, twisting his hands nervously, sympathy in his eyes. We Dragomirs, on the other hand, tend to be a little . .” He couldn’t find the right word, but I could finish the sentence easily enough. I slumped in my seat, thinking, Sure, I’m a mathlete, but I’m also a teenager who just last year worked for three-dollar tips, not millions of euros in taxes! Parties every evening for a full week, with the best food and music.

He’s a killer, I reminded myself as my mouth got dry. I glanced to my left, seeking reassurance that I wouldn’t be alone in deciding the fate of the prisoner who was shuffling toward that pale spot on the floor. Chapter 2 Antanasia“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Antanasia,” my uncle Dorin urged. Sitting in judgment—it’s not for everyone, you know? “Yes, well, Vladescus are legendary for their sang-froid,” Dorin reminded me. And a few, like Claudiu, salivate to mete out some punishment. “I can at least try to make a few intelligent points when we discuss this budget.” Yet I didn’t have much hope for that, either, as I scanned columns of numbers that supposedly represented how much Lucius and I intended to spend to govern a shifting, borderless, crazy kingdom of vampires I hadn’t even known existed until recently. ” I closed the ledger with a thud, because my worried, distracted mind kept skipping ahead to an even bigger meeting that would take place later that year, making it impossible to focus on numbers. I have trouble picturing this event where Lucius’s and my fate will be decided.”“Oh, goodness . .” Dorin stepped back and wrung his hands again, but this time he seemed happy and nostalgic about a week that I dreaded. The most prominent Vladescus and Dragomirs gather from all over the world, and while business is conducted, of course, it’s also a chance for us to socialize.

Lucius Vladescu is handsome, arrogant, and determined to make her accept her heritage and marry him - or risk reigniting the feud which has been going on between their clans for generations.

Well you can buy it from a bookstore and read it or on you can type in Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side and look in the Look Inside section. I have been comparing the dark blue color on a can of pepsi to the pantone color guide, and the two colors that most reseble that dark blue are Pantone 541 C and Pantone 302 C.

I felt that things were just quickly resolved and the way things were resolved wasn’t very strong.

There was too many flaws (thankfully there’s a second book). The book moved along at a great pace and things were exciting but then the events started to become less and less…intriguing.

Jessica knows that with no blood to drink, Lucius’s time is running out. And in her hands she holds an object, something she presses against her chest the way a nun would cradle a cross. I never let myself think about what could have happened at that trial, and was glad I hadn’t even known about it until long after the verdict had been handed down. How can he even bear to be in this room, let alone coolly direct everything? And this year will be extra special, as we celebrate the lasting peace achieved at your wedding.” He smiled even more warmly.

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