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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone definitely stood out in that regard.

The two young actors met while making 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man and sparks flew from the get-go.

The 33-year-old “Café Society” actor and his longtime girlfriend Anna Strout are expecting their first baby together, E! The couple, who began dating in 2002, ended their relationship in 2012.

Eisenberg started dating Strout in 2002 before calling it quits a decade later.

The pair fueled rumors of a reconciliation in January 2016 after they took in a basketball game together.

In “The Social Network,” David Fincher’s look at the contentious founding of Facebook, opening Friday, Garfield plays Brazilian-born Eduardo Saverin, who, along with fellow Harvard undergrad and punk genius — as the marketing campaign would have it — Mark Zuckerberg ( Jesse Eisenberg), creates Facebook.

But when the social networking site, initially known as thefacebook, swiftly becomes a global sensation — and a huge money-earner — Saverin and Zuckerberg have a falling out.

But if he did, the 27-year-old British actor would no doubt be fending off lots of requests right now from people wanting to be his cyber friend.

With two Oscar-potential films about to be sharing theater screens and an outing as Spider-Man up next, Garfield in his short film career has suddenly become a hot property.

“He has such incredible emotional access to his kind of core humanity that I was like, ‘Why would we waste an actor like this on the part of the guy [who seems like he has] Asperger’s?

I’m trying to cast somebody who doesn’t have this access.’ And that’s Andrew’s greatest strength, that’s his real musculature,” Fincher says. Or do you value the people who helped you get there?

They can make sure I can stay grounded,” he says, laughing.

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