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My apologies for not quite getting this right away. I will have a main screen shot where i will display added items in cart.

It's been a few years since I've done much with Java and I wasn't much of a Java guy in the first place. Right now I have two classes in two separate files. Now when i say add item that will dynamically changes and displays refreshed screen.

java gui not updating-85

So far I've put a variable in class2 and again in class3 that can be initialised to class1 at construction, so then all I do is ..realiii, do u have any link with good example. if I can be botherd to write the whole application why cant i be botherd to spend another day?

I dont have time simple I have hardly used threads before that is why i thougth it will take me time. So are you suggesting I create a Graphics object at the top of my class and set that graphics object in the paint Component method and then use that around?

Is there a simple way to update your GUI if something has been changed?

For example instead of typing set List Data(), set Text() and so on, I would like to use a method to "flush" or reload the whole GUI without launching a new one.

Hi All, I am developing a Swing application where I exactly wanna implement an update pop up. My best endeavours to google always seem to return results on how to update java itself, rather than an application written in Java. When I click middle button, I copy files from left tree to right tree.

The application, on start-up, shows a pop-up message, say new updates available (it shows the same at regular intervals) . This copy logic is implemented in a separate class which I invoke ...

Net Beans GUI Builder constantly updating information Hello, I have gotten myself into a somewhat tricky situation that i cannot for the life of me seem to figure out.

I am trying to write a program that will read the coordinates of the mouse on the screen (NOT just a panel), and output the coordinates and RGB values into ... I have this java project that I'm working on and it has some buttons.

I'm writing a Tic Tac Toe game, everything has worked till this point.

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