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Erroneously reported missing, Sam's irresponsible brother… An expansive but small-minded exploration of the phenomenon of 'extraordinary rendition' - the CIA's practice of transporting prisoners to countries with dubious human rights laws to be detained without trial and tortured.Burdened with good intentions, Hood's first Hollywood film has too many extraneous stories and not…Surreal and disorientating voyage into the psyche of a man cracking up, with many layers of meaning; a bold and striking examination of identity, responsibility and desire.

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Guzikowski's intense, twisting script and excellent performances from Jackman and Gyllenhaal drive a complex and gripping thriller which asks pertinent questions about violence and the…

Jones' follow-up to dazzling debut Moon can't quite match up but it does ensure the director's career remains on the right track.

Less a gay Western than a universally resonant love story.

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When Gyllenhaal's flashy young pharmaceutical sales rep meets sassy independent waitress Maggie (Hathaway) the stage is set for a formulaic romance tinged with the special poignancy that can only arise when one of the protagonists is suffering from a debilitating disease. This video game adaptation sees Gyllenhaal star as a prince who must keep a powerful, mythical object called the Sands of Time out of the hands of villains. Susanne Bier and Anders Thomas Jensen's 2004 Danish drama is given a prestige Hollywood makeover, resulting in an engrossing, if flawed drama.

Maguire plays Marine captain Sam Cahill, who leaves wife Grace (Portman) and their children to fight in Afghanistan.True life crime thriller which follows Inspector David Toschi (Ruffalo) and alcoholic journalist Paul Avery (Downey Jr) as they try to discover the identity of the Zodiac killer.As the quest ruins the careers of all involved in it, San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhaal) begins to unravel the…Although the body count is extensive, Audiard is more concerned with reflection and introspection, and the film resounds with both hopeful optimism and resigned melancholy.Jeff Bauman (Gyllenhaal) is waiting for on-off girlfriend Erin (Maslany) at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 when a bomb goes off, resulting in the amputation of his legs.Biographical drama with fine work from Gyllenhaal and Maslany and from Richardson as Jeff’s mother, although it becomes crowdpleasing and…

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