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Whether it be voice shopping or an AI powered chatbot (the latter being more feasible in retail nowadays), the future is clear: by 2020 at least 60% of organizations will use AI to support digital commerce.

In the wide field of conversational commerce, there are a number of Israeli startups worth knowing.

The technologies you’ll see below assist retailers around the world in their attempt to build stronger defense systems; By implementing these solutions, which provide real-time visibility of what’s taking place in their network, retailers cam mitigate intrusions before they become a breach- and avoid major reputational damage among their customers.

Cymulate – Cymulate allows retailers verify their security posture through a unique breach and attack simulation platform.

Cymulate’s advanced technology allows organizations to launch simulations of cyber attacks against themselves, immediately exposing vulnerabilities and providing mitigation procedures to close each gap.

Communication is a necessary part of humans, even if it satisfies the basic human needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Like people who lived in the forest and loved hunting and traveling, modern times turned the world into a society where people live together and socialize.

mmuze developes a variety of AI shopping assistants for text and voice interactions, by developing the technological infrastructure that automatically creates the required domain expertise and supports conversational interfaces across chatbots, smart speakers, VR, brand websites, and more.

One in eight retailers faced a cyber-attack over the last year.According recent research, Io T in the retail industry is predicted to reach over billion by 2024.The rise of Io T offers multiple benefits for retailers: it can reduce inventory error, optimize supply chain management and even decrease labor costs.Namogoo’s disruptive technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into consumer web sessions that divert customers to competitor offerings, hurting conversion rates and damaging brand equity.By eliminating these invasive promotions, Namogoo consistently recovers e Commerce revenue; companies who use Namogoo report an immediate conversion uplift, and are able to win back more than 90% of their stolen revenue.Its embeddable units facilitate connected apparel and wearable functionalities, which can aggregate the corresponding information to discover trends and surface patterns.

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