Is will smith and duane martin dating

Actors Will Smith and Duane Martin have rumored to be in a gay relationship for a number of years, “allegedly.” Rumors are swirling again alleging that Jada is ready to walk away from her husband because of the rumors that continue to plague their marriage, which is why Jada has been reportedly falling apart.“It’s a humiliating bombshell that could destroy Will Smith’s fractured marriage,” the lead reads.

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According to our source, the incident went down off camera – inside Will Smith’s private trailer.

March 07, 2012: This week's Star magazine is making some VERY SALACIOUS claims about actor Will Smith and his "longtime friend", fellow actor Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell's husband.

Over the past year, there has been so many rumors Will and Jada’s 14-year marriage is in trouble but again these are rumors.

A reliable source close to the couple allegedly reports that their marriage is basically over and that the more time Will spends with Duane, the more strain he places on his marriage to Jada.

Information about the loan, or “secret deal” is stored on Duane Martin’s laptop, which the actor will not give up to the court because it contains unrelated private information, including personal emails, photos and videos, that he doesn’t want made public.

According to the court documents, the Martins’ 7,000-plus square-foot home was transferred to another family member’s name.

With his 14-year-marriage teetering on the brink of divorce, Will Smith was caught partying in trendy South Beach with a hot blonde.

Exclusive photos obtained by The Enquirer show Will with the unidentified blonde as the drinks and good times flowed at one of the Miami area’s ritziest romantic hideaways.

Meanwhile, Jada Pinkett Smith was nowhere in sight.

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