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BUT THE BANK HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT TO SUBMIT POST DATED CHECKS UPON RECEIPT WOULD APPRECIATE AND ANSWERThank you for using Just Answer! The bot XXXXX XXXXXne is that when a check is tendered to another person/entity, that person/entity has the legal right to immediately go to the bank and cash it.

UCC Subsection 4-401 states that "a bank may honor an otherwise properly payable postdated check before its date unless the customer has given the bank reasonable notice of the postdating." The notice of postdating is simply a means by which you can place the bank on formal notice that you've written a postdated check, and it orders the bank not to pay the check before the date written thereon.

That said, if you agreed to wait, cashing the check prematurely might be considered in violation of an oral agreement and illegal in some jurisdictions.

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However, Bank of America, California’s largest bank, says it accepts checks regardless of the date they carry--with one key exception: The bank offers its customers the ability to purchase a “postdating order” under which the bank will delay payment on a postdated check.

Practices may vary among banks, so you should check with yours to be absolutely sure of its procedures.

However, this year, the government quietly scaled back the limits by $4,300 for individual filers and $6,400 for couples filing joint returns. To reduce the number of upper-income families eligible to use them and increase tax revenues. You should ask for a trustee-to-trustee transfer of your funds from one account to another.

For 1995, full tax breaks on bond proceeds are available to couples filing jointly with annual adjusted gross incomes in 1994 of up to $61,851. For individual filers, total tax breaks are available for those with annual adjusted gross incomes in 1994 of up to $41,201. In addition, bonds sold after May 1 no longer carry a guaranteed minimum interest rate. This is handled by representatives of the plans involved.

Find out if the check was intentionally postdated, and figure out a solution. Most people don’t do this, in part because of the additional fees to monitor the account and prevent payment before the specified date. Because there’s a possibility it won’t clear, you might have better luck depositing those checks.

That allows your bank to place a hold on the funds instead of handing over cash immediately.Even if your payee is honest, they may make the honest mistake of forgetting (and leaving you with bad check fees).IS IT ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA TO WRITE A POST DATED CHECK FOR MORTGAGE PMTS EG: I SENT THREE TO BOFA FOR NOV 20 JAN 2010 I SENT UPS WAS DELIVERED ON 12/04/09 AND BOFA SUBMITTED ALL THREE LAST ONE REJECTED AND THEY SENT IT BACK THROUGH EVEN THOUGH I CONTACTED BOFA CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH IS MY BANK AND WAS TOLD TO BAD TO SAD..My bank Bank of America rejected the check and then the mortgage company put it right back through two days later for payment there was still not enough monies in my bank account to cover so my bank had the legal right to honor it even though they orginally rejected it..Under the UCC, it is the bank itself that was to be given the instructions about the post-dated check(s) so that they would know to not process them if they were presented early.Again, these orders require specific bank approval for which the bank may demand a fee. I am concerned that they are not as attractive as they once were. The breaks were gradually phased out for higher incomes, ending completely at ,250.

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