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I have been on Zoloft for 30 days now and my original psychiatrist wanted me on Paxil and I never took it and didn't go back because I lost my insurance (that was last year)...well, I ended up picking a new med this year "Zoloft" since I read what it helps and figured it would work for me, so I went to another free psychiatrist and asked him to put me on that...

is paxil sedating or activating-18

it is wonderful to know I now can and it reassures me that I am going through all phases of my sleep cycle and when I do wake up, I can easily fall back to sleep which I never could do on Zoloft. I don’t have any withdraws from stopping Zoloft which is wonderful because I was extremely worried I would. However, I am now worried that Zoloft “the drug from hell” has permanently messed me up for good when it comes to my sleep since I still wake up throughout the night (not nearly as much as I did on Zoloft) but I don’t get my 8-10hrs uninterrupted sleep either.

I wonder if I will ever be myself again when it comes to my sleep of 8-10 hrs per night uninterrupted, I guess I will have to wait and see.

I guess he wants to try another med which is scary for me because I don’t want the same things to happen, but the other thing that is scary is what damage have I done to myself with this damn Zoloft, it should have been stopped when I told the other psychiatrist all this instead of being told it is all in my damn head. At any rate, I wonder if I will ever be normal again and if there is any better SSRI’s out there that can help my GAD, BPD, OCD, Depression and now INSOMNIA!! Long tale short, I started on paxil, just this past May. I replaced that with remeron (mirtazapine) I take 130mg, begin late afternoon around 5pm 45mg, then around 7pm another 45mg, then 9pm, the last 45mg. It certainly does not make me tired and I have to take klonopin for that.

I have never done speed but OMG, if this is how it feels... So with all this said, can anyone please please please point me in the right direction and educate me on the most sedating meds that help with all my symptoms… Thank you for taking the time to read my post - Hugs! I took .5mg Klonopin last night and I wish it was not a benzo or addicting because I LOVE that medicine, it helps me sleep and rids my anxiety. The lamictal, has (and I could be wrong here) whats the word, properties that will sedate you.

beam me up Scotty because I cannot do this anymore!! All I know is if Lamictal does not work and my anxiety gets worse, I am calling my pcyschiatrist and telling him I want somthing for my anxiety. So, that might very well, in combination with the klonopin, having that in your system, say several days from now, you'll find that you might just be feeling less, perhaps even more lessw anxious.

Yes, I have depression BUT, I am ran by my anxiety so again, IDK why in the heck he would give me Lamictal. Not certain if Laurie Shay, is a friend on your circle of friends.Finally got off of it I too take clonzapram for sleep and it .5 miligrs and I love it. Your psych will know a range of meds; all meds, absolutely all of them react differently in individual bodies so no-one can really tell you BEFORE you take a med what it might do to you [that's what i think].we know 'trial and error' or trial and learn as i call it is mostly the way medicating people with our conditions is done.(I think Wellbutrin and Effexor may also be taken together... I miss sleeping the 8-10 hrs a night that I use to get and now I wonder will I ever be back to my normal self or will I always remain this way?? I do have a sleep study coming up which was scheduled for the 18th but now it was rescheduled for the 6th due to a cancellation which I am so happy about.I just hope to god that they have the answers that I really NEED. Anyways, thank you for your reply.((Hugs)) Hopeless,( you are not hopeless, by the way!– I still have a ton more scary stress coming my way and it won’t be over for another few months not to mention now I need surgery due to my gallbladder.

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