Is nichkhun and victoria dating for real Free adult chat shows

Furthermore, rumors have circulated among other 2PM and Girls Generation members, thus this is just another relationship to add to that.

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The 2PM star wants to go on dates when he has available time.

Back in 2011 when he was interviewed for a Japanese magazine, he mentioned that “[he] dreams of going on a romantic date for Christmas where [he and his date] go skating and kiss.” There is not much discussion about his relationship since he is not dating now.

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple yet remained suspicious over the statement that they had only been dating for a short period of time.

Thus, evidence of their long standing relationship surfaced online.

The course of their breakup is not clear, but it is speculated that they didn’t have time for each other.

Both SM and JYP Entertainment, the agencies of the formal couple, confirmed the news.He was part of the first release of the group’s first single titled “10 Point out 10 Points” (2008).He was part of the host of the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok during 2010 to 2013.He noted that he met the lady prior to a friend introduction when he was sixteen.The name of the lady was however not mentioned since he said he has forgotten.He has also done several solo projects with other artists.

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