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She remembers watching the movie over and over as she practiced belting out the song along with the film.

While attending Gallatin High School, Locke sang in the school choir and teamed up with her three best friends to form a quartet called Shadz of U.

“You’re traveling so much and you’re so busy that you really have to work hard at making time.

You’re not under each other 24 hours, seven days a week.

"We worked out on the show together for four months and never even said anything to each other," she told , Locke has landed a gig as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman.

While she and Walden do occasionally train together, she said never in the gym.

The program features Walden as well as nutritional & diet expert, Dr.

But this season also brings in a new psychotherapist, Stacy Kaiser.As a celebrity, I'm sure it's even more difficult to maintain a closeness with the people you work with--you're always moving onto something else.Try to eliminate other common excuses by making sure it’s somewhere close to your house and not too expensive.When you get together, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m happy to see you.’”source Some things transpired? As for the not being tight with Clay thing, the media will paint this as a feud or something, but I know that people just grow apart.Why do I get the feeling she is referring to him coming out? If that's true then that is very sad, especially since they use to be close friends and lived together. Not necessarily something they did; life just pulls you in different directions.Born Kimberley Dawn Locke on January 3, 1978, in Hartsville, Tennessee, a small town not far from Nashville.

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