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I want you to know that I'm running for president to tear down all of the barriers that hold people back.

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Rather than pointing fingers saying who he thinks did it or not but he tweeted this and said, he tweeted the organized group of people many of them thugs who shut down our First Amendment rights in Chicago have totally energized America. And as a matter of fact, when he says in the good old days they would be carried out in a stretcher, again I go back to what then Governor Reagan did. LORD: Look, if you remember, David, Ronald Reagan was elected partly on the platform that the administrative system of the universities in California were too soft on leftist protesters who were taking over the colleges. (APPLAUSE) It should not -- it should not need to be said that America belongs to all of us, not just to people who look one way or worship one way or even think one way.

And you know, in the name of free speech eliminating free speech. LORD: He's with (INAUDIBLE) and act on as governor. So, first of all let me say I join you in believing that Donald Trump has had -- has a legitimate right to be heard, he has made claims and I think to his credit that he has amassed a very large following, he's brought a lot of voters into the Republican ranks, he's done things in politics that very few ever could have accomplished. And to me I don't understand as a Trump supporter why Trump supporters like you who are so respected, don't believe that he has a responsibility what goes on his rallies. I believe America is strong when we are all strong.

He said they had a Hillary Clinton rally just here and they had the same number of officers devoted. And so they are trying to make sure that when they go into this rally tonight that they can keep the peace and make sure that nothing happens like what we saw in Chicago last night.

But he did tell me yes, we are certainly aware of what happened last night in Chicago, what happened in St. And Poppy, I think the big question that will tell us whether or not we have a repeat of what happened last night in Chicago, is essentially do the protesters try to go inside. And essentially causes the Trump campaign to cancel it. Let's talk more about this as we wait for this Kansas City rally to begin with me now.

Now, really, Bernie should tell his people, there weren't many Hillary people there, you know why. But with Bernie, so he should really get up and say to his people, stop, stop. Let's begin with CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta because he is at a rally and was there in Chicago last night and now you're in Kansas City where there is a very long line behind you to get into this Trump rally this afternoon and then across the street, Jim, a lot of protesters as well.

I mean in all fairness to Bernie, the reason there weren't Hillary people there, they have no fervor, there is no fervor. JIM ACOSTA, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: That's right.It's been pretty rowdy throughout the afternoon outside this venue in Kansas City Poppy where Donald Trump will be here in a couple of hours to speak.Just to give you a lay of the land here you, have got Trump supporters behind me in this very long line as you mentioned.Return to Transcripts main page CNN NEWSROOM Protester Charged After Rushing Trump Stage; Trump Blames Sanders For Chicago Clashes; Republican Blitz to Grab Delegates; Protests, Chaos at Trump Rally; Rubio Tells Ohio: Vote for Kasich. This man, accused of trying to jump a barrier trying to rush towards the Republican front-runner while he was on stage at an event in Ohio earlier today.Aired 5-6p ET Aired March 12, 2016 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Secret service stepped in, that man is now charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic.His argument, basically, is if you're strong, if you're passionate about your country and somebody disagrees with you at my rally, it's OK to beat them up. I think the candidate sets the tone are for his rallies, I think that's his responsibility.

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