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The tour has been named 'Yellow Gold Tour 3010' after the tour's title song "Yellow Gold" written by Jin Akanishi, Jovette Rivera, and Joey Carbone.

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On November 30, 2009, it was announced that LANDS would release an album, Olympos, on January 13, 2010. Akanishi had a series of solo concerts, "Akanishi Jin Star Live You & Jin", comprising a total of 32 shows from February 7, 2010 to February 28, 2010.

The song "A Page" featured at his concerts, was released as part of KAT-TUN's 11th single, "Love Yourself (Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki)," on the 2nd limited edition on February 10, 2010.

He can play the guitar and has composed both music and lyrics for "Murasaki", "ha-ha" and "Pinky".

He also collaborated with bandmate Ueda to create the song, "Butterfly" (from Best of KAT-TUN).

The solo tour tickets were sold out in the first hour when it began to sell on April 15.

In the last show of his You&Jin concert Akanishi announced a tour in the United States.

In July 2010, Akanishi announced that he would leave the band KAT-TUN, becoming a solo artist of Johnny & Associates.

On 16 September 2010 dates for Akanishi's fall tour were released and the cities included were: Chicago, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The group's next single, "Signal", was also a massive hit debuting at number 1 and selling more than 500,000 copies.

Much to the Japanese public's surprise, Akanishi announced in a press conference on October 13, 2006 that he was leaving the country to study English abroad for an indefinite amount of time.

) *not surprising since they actually had a pv in the concert though* so rumours has it that there are going to be some embracing *lol* and that the “group” name will be Crystal Red *wtf lool* but that’s not me I heard it from uwasako for her full report read here.

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