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Your father worked on the first one and you may never get this opportunity again.'”“I ended up working on Creed, not knowing that Rocky is now rebirthed and there’s a whole new generation of fans for the franchise.

So I ended up working on Creed and from Creed that took me to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I’ve just completed shooting the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as the assistant prop master to Kevin Ladson.

Some of the designs were over-the-top, some were thoughtful remodels of previously boring living rooms or bedrooms.

As Brock Keeling, editor of Curbed SF, recalls, “With the exception of a few (like the beach room and hay room), most all of the design reveals were better than what the couples began with.” And nearly every admittedly formulaic episode of Trading Spaces was damn entertaining TV.

There are multiple projects going on with multiple networks so until those contracts are signed, I can’t say anything but I’ll say I’m launching my line of Land of Nod furniture tonight. And I have a wholesale bedding line that I manufacture here in Texas, that I sell through the markets and it’s called Moon Rein.

It’s a custom bedding line, it’s really high end, and so I thought, well, why don’t I just sell my bedding as well at the wholesale market and sell other things and just have a boutique? It’s downtown and so I also do my design business out of there as well.”@michaelbjordan #heiscourteusandconsiderate I am Soooooo glad #creedmovie has been Released now I can share some of my Behind the scenes pics and Experiences working with Michael , Ryan, Aaron

I told my friend Kevin (an amazing prop master) who wanted me to come work on 30 Rock at the time, ‘You know Kevin, I can’t come work on 30 Rock.

Maybe when my son turns 7 I’ll come back.’ Three weeks after my son turned seven, Kevin called me and said ‘Okay Kia, you gotta come work on the new Rocky movie.

Trading Spaces aired from 2000 to 2008 and introduced the world to a cast and crew that remains ingrained in the psyches of all design-obsessed, reality-show addicts of the early aughts. In the original hour-long episodes, two sets of neighbors were paired with a professional designer, given a meager budget, and asked to redecorate one room in each other’s homes.

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