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If yo have paging, or filtering configured for your widget, they add extra URL parameters to the base URL of the page as well, for example / Each Sitefinity CMS page enters output cache using its URL as key.When you request the page, output cache is queried for that key and the cached version of the page is returned.Discover our guide to find out all about the different things that could invalidate your landlord insurance and how you can prevent them happening. Renovation is often part and parcel of renting out a property, and for the most part, this won’t affect your home insurance.

If you’re hiring builders, check they have suitable insurance and let your insurer know.

In order to prevent the above issues from occurring, you as a landlord have a set of responsibilities.

In some cases, page cache invalidation due to editing content while the site is under heavy load can cause significant performance impact.

For example when you edit a page template, which is used by multiple pages, this results in invalidating the cache of all pages using that template.

By default, a Sitefinity CMS page has a - the one you use to access its content.

If you have a widget on the page, that displays a list of content items, each of these items has a URL, which is formed using the page base URL and the URL formatting rules for the content module.

This probably has something to do with their cookies.

Is there a setting in Portal or scripting that we could do.

You can define how long Sitefinity CMS should serve the old cached version of the page when it gets invalidated, as well as whether to warm-up only the page or any content details pages, served on this page a s well.

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