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Scrambling to get his idea to market and bring financial security to his family, Josh applies for a U. Thrust into a battle to save his invention he uncovers the shocking truth that our patent system is weakening, property rights are at risk and American Innovation is dying. Big tech companies are finding it easier and cheaper to infringe on patents rather than pay the patent owners.With an administrative tribunal pulling patents back from inventors, there is no safe place to bring an invention to the marketplace in America and our innovation is going overseas.

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Thus, a patent prior art search usually includes a search of patents emanating from these patent offices.

Since patent documents must describe inventions in sufficient detail that persons skilled in the art can reproduce them, (insufficient disclosure can result in the rejection of a patent application) these documents will contain detailed information you will not find in classic scientific publications.

Thus, a patent invalidity search is an all-out attack on the patent.

The grounds to invalidate a patent differ according to the national patent laws of different countries.

However, most national laws recognize grounds such as publication of the invention prior to the priority date of the application for patent, sales of the invention, prior public knowledge, or prior public use.

An exhaustive prior art search will be directed at each of these separate sources of prior art. The most common sources of prior art are patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, such as journals, books, academic work, product literature, and internet publications.

Patents are one of the most thoroughly indexed and documented forms of literature, allowing specific prior art search information to be retrieved and reviewed with considerable accuracy.

The patents issued or patent applications published by the USPTO, EPO, PCT, and JPO cover more than 90% of patents and applications filed worldwide.

When confronted by allegations of patent infringement, proof of invalidity based on prior art is the first line of defense.

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